your accent is almost gone

Tulika Varma




1. rangoli: a decorative pattern you would find on the floor, before the threshold of many indian households, made of dry flour sometimes mixed with colour, or flower petals.

2. ramakrishna: a traditional south indian name

3. rani: queen (in hindi)

4. puja room: prayer room

5. aarti: part of the hindu puja, essentially a ghee or oil-soaked wick which is lit during the ritual

6. chyawanprash: quintessential part of every indian kid’s childhood: a disgusting (yet delicious) herbal paste consumed in spoonfuls, that, if taken with a glass of warm milk every night, is said to boost your immunity

7. fabindia: a popular indian clothing chain which everyone loves despite the fact that their clothes run colour and shrink notoriously

8. jaipuri sandals (also called kohlapuris): a kind of footwear native to the north indian state of rajasthan


Tulika Varma is a first-year English student with a penchant for classic rock and furry things. Her hobbies include writing, destroying the patriarchy, and crying while pondering the nature of existence on Sunday afternoons (if time permits). If she ever has the time and expertise to start a blog, you can read more of her work there.


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