The Wind’s Wife

Sophia Lykke


Please take me as I am

Take me now with you

Take me to distant lands

So I can start anew


Never in one spot could I stay

Never in one spot for good

Unless to allow my soul’s decay

Unless you think I should.


My desire spans beyond what I can see,

Beyond my place of birth

Beyond where my feet can take me

Beyond my kin and hearth


I have resisted until this day

Until this time of growth

I now break free from my self-imposed chain

To join you in an oath


So please take me with you

I hope you will withstand

Whatever burden I may be to you

Please take me hand in hand


No one else can help me

Realize my purest fate

To serve all humanity

And help them reach the gate


Of liberation and of opportunity

The gate of hope and free will

The gate of kindness and prosperity

It awaits us on the hill


Take me to where you hear their crying hearts

Though you don’t have a mouth or ears

Take me to the most desperate parts

Where you blow away their tears


Our work will there begin

In the depths of their despair

I will use my strength within

As you take us through the air


So please, take me with you

And carry me on your back

We’ll go any place you choose

On your ever-changing path


You, the wind

Have summoned me all my life

Please let us begin our journey now

Please take me as your wife.


Hand coded by CRUXimaging