Emily Dickinson Got Me Thinking (about God)

Kathryn deLancellotti


I saw a bobcat bathing in the middle of a path. She looked

up at me with black eyes, and puffed her tail. I got anxious,

yelled, I love you kitty! She ran off.



My cousin and I were smoking a joint at Thousand Steps

in Laguna Beach, when a humpback whale breached

high above the water, then vanished back into the sea.



I was kayaking topless at Santa Margarita Lake,

and without warning, a white-headed eagle

swooped beside me. I screamed, and held both breasts.



As I was cooling my sister’s forehead with a damp cloth,

her son was pulled from her vagina.

Misty blood blew into the air.



I dreamt I was drinking tea with Emily Dickinson.

She whispered,

the mushroom is the elf of plants.


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