That One Night Standard

M.M. Batavia

I’ll call you if we can do it on the table.

Not so stable since I screwed myself last year.

Hammered and nailed. Past and failed


My 12-year-old self who swore she’d want more

Watch your mouth! She never left Neverland

But landed in amusing parts. I’m not too choosy,


Just smogged in like L.A. skies. You look alright

After my Tequila Sunrise. Sunsets are second best.

Vests make me ugly. Love me anyway?


This is called self-destruction. This is called

Some night. Who’s she talking to? Some night

Ghost. Some nice guy. Have him buy you another drink.


You know this, a boy’s touch. Don’t tongue-

In-cheek. Don’t suck this gum like that.

You’ve tasted sweeter suckers.


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