October in December

A creative translation of a note on the Fr. Oulipo website

Laura V. Rivera

All things impossible have come to be.

So you heard the Cincinnati orchestra

inside the telephone.

I found a glitch in the soup.

You found a skeleton of a frog on a water lily,

and counted 10 ribs. And now you are aware

that 10 is an Olympic number, so–


you know 10 men killed former spies

from the Russian Questioning Unit.

There are 10 unexplored points of departure in Detroit.

They configured a War among 10 names found

remarkable in the Found Lovers Liaison.

10 children do not know the names of Pharaoes because


there is an error on page 110.

A missing period is not a small ghost for a book,

it’s like a continent missing the ocean.


You found a lost sneaker, size 10,

with a pantomime foot inside

and brought it home.

I am happy you know the secret,

but I should kill you for that.


Hand coded by CRUXimaging