Why I Don't Want to Go

Andres Barajas

Here is why I do not want to go: I already know how it is going to be played out.  Way too predictable and predictability equals boredom.  Joe is going to come get me with Mikey in the passenger seat, I get a text reading “outside.”  I come downstairs, walk to car, it is too fucking cold, I cram into back seat and say something like, “What’s up guys” and Mikey says over excitedly, “What up dre!” and maybe I shake Joe’s hand but not Mikey’s because he is sitting directly in front of me.  I then become quiet; the music is too loud and Mikey and Joe are busy talking shit about Tim and his wife as we go ahead and drive over to Tim and his wife’s house.  Then the fun begins.  I say what’s up to Tim and he is happy to see me.  I say hi to Alex and she hardly responds obviously not happy to see us.  We sit down and wait for Jose and Lindsey and Anthony and his girlfriend to show.  Most likely none of them do and its just the couple and us three.  We attempt to play beer pong but of course there is not enough beer or any at all so me, Mikey, and Joe go to the store and buy beer again because we always have to buy the beer.  That’s where all my money goes actually. Maybe we buy hard stuff and make mixed drinks instead and don’t play beer pong. Either way it’s all the same.  Nothing new here.  I have to go put on pants.


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