Universe of Jigsaw Puzzles

Patricia Guzman

I sit here reading Venus and Adonis, and in a few days

An entire universe of jigsaw puzzles will fall

From the sky and into Shakespeare’s affectionate lap.


In a few days we will make outward shows out

Of outward shows. We will kiss in front of dying

Men in wheelchairs and sin again within closed doors.


We will batter tomato cans on concrete to make

The tin-man living inside bleed into our soup.

We will simultaneously pay homage to Andy Warhol.


Potatoes will grow eyes and we will throw them off

The balcony so they can see what we cannot.

And we will be the ones wanted for vegetal murder.


In a few days I will pick the reddest anemone flower.

We will mourn your uncle’s death in rainboots.

And for one day, you will not write any poems.


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