Drinking and Smoking

Andres Barajas

Drinking has been fun since I started that night in my junior year of high school at my friend’s older brother’s party.  Just a little buzz but it was a new feeling and one I enjoyed. Drinking used to make things slow down and I found my body and my speech went too fast, so fast if I didn’t watch out my words would slip out of my mouth like my feet would slip out from under me.  Smoking hasn’t always been so good to me.  First few times I must have done it wrong like Bill Clinton.  I got better and now it’s good to me.  It slows things down like alcohol, but instead of going faster than the world, I too am slow, even slower than the world.  I turn my head right and then I can see, I turn my head left and then a second later my brain catches up and I can focus.  I can talk nonstop and I come up with the absolute BEST ideas when I smoke.  When I drink I get really happy, when I smoke I have no emotions, like I’m Being John Malkovich, just using my body.  People I know think that smoking is much worse than drinking but to me drinking and smoking equally suck the next morning.


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