CON-Meat: The Irony of Modern Packaging

Angelia Trinidad

Meat made out of concrete of which I painted and packed to replicate meat and its packaging found in a typical grocery store. The labels were also designed and manipulated in Photoshop modeled to mimic those found in actual grocery stores. Some areas are left unpainted and unrepaired if cracked, hinting at the true nature of the “meat” in order to give the viewer an opportunity to figure out its construction.

The labels also give hints to uncover the true properties of the “meat” (the expiration dates, weights, and the packaging company’s slogan “Solid prices for solid food”) The prices reflect the weight of the packages multiplied by actual meat prices (by pound) as a statement about modern day inflation. One of the biggest ironies we find in society today is how meat is packaged, which is typically Styrofoam trays. Very little is known about the actual life span of Styrofoam but it clearly exponentially exceeds that of meat. Nevertheless huge grocery stores continue to package such a perishable product in Styrofoam. The overall statement/irony — like many products found in todays commercial society the packaging lasts longer than the product, even in this case when the product is concrete.


Hand coded by CRUXimaging