The Ballad of Electric Summer

Samantha Woehl

The sun is bursting silver sparks.

They shatter on bristling grass.

My summer shocks through redwood roots.

I’m light as electron mass.


I stroll beside shimmering leaves

And witness crackling clouds.

My static hair electrified.

The pulse uncurls the boughs.


My Zeus is skipping rocks at the pond.

The pebble’s lightening tail

Streaks across and hits the pool

It lights a flashing wail.


His kisses channel my current joy

We lovers wired in heat.

The winking bulbs of flowers dim.

My pulse is a sonar beat.


We build a home alight with stars.

The walls like spider webs.

The spindle’s orange copper glow

Depend on our love’s ebbs.


Our home becomes an early sunrise.

The walls are ecstatically screaming.

Our energy has blown the circuit

And the burnt-out hills are dreaming.


My Zeus retreats to tend the burns.

I lie electrocuted.

The seizures flash like strings of sky.

Our home blackened, all muted.


A quiet, rosy sun is shining

On me through the door ajar.

I reach and nudge the gap wider

The sparks are flashing like stars.


Hand coded by CRUXimaging