Weight Loss

Lexi Cary


If I was lighter I could bear myself up

On the hot Santa Anas and nobody

Who really wanted to could see up my skirt.


I could do this by eating nothing but

Birds-eye crosswalk squares of

Blackberries, or by going against

My nature and carrying less than a

Lending library of books in my backpack.


Of course, if I started memorizing poems

I’d weigh one Whitman plus one Shakespeare

Plus one Lockwood, but I was never great

At unit conversion.


Besides, how much would an mp3 add?

Or the memory of pitifully crying on the floor

To “Candle in the Wind” on LP?


I think I’d keep the heavy memories,

Which are gnawed-on by now like moony

Wheels of cheese.


But if I let all this go and drafted like a red-tail

On the pressure waves of the sky that makes

The LA pools so blue, I might not know what it meant

Without “Flying” playing in my head.


So I’ll stay on the ground today.


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