The Dreamer’s Garden

Reem Suleiman


In a fleeting moment his face became
pomegranate seeds breaking from the peel
the endearing transparency of vulnerable flesh
reveals the same secrets
guarded behind sealed eyes

If only breath would carry more than words
so that the heart could travel
and catch the thoughts trampled
on the brutal path to his tongue

Til then I search for an algorithm to dismantle time
so that we can create our own
and paint its living room blue
then hover over the iron balcony
to watch the clockwork below

If only the fruits inside me were made visible
ripened, reaching for the harvesting hand
to nourish the uncharted wounds
that have mapped my passage
into an abyss of judgment


An aspiring poet and calligrapher, Reem Suleiman is a recent UCLA graduate with a degree in Comparative Literature and a minor in Middle East and North African Studies. Now based in San Francisco, Reem works on civil rights issues pertaining to Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian communities unjustly impacted by over-broad national security policies.


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