The Cleared

Austin Beltrand

“The Buddhist monk contracted chronic tinnitus (stage four and incurable) after the prayers in his head grew too intrusive. This ringing greatly disrupted his meditation, and the mortuary catalogs record that his peers drilled holes into his cranium in a last-ditch attempt to pluck the noise out from where it had furrowed into the superior gyrus of his temporal lobe (note index features 1 and 3). This alternative form of medicine commonly referred to as “trepanning” was unexpectedly not the cause of death. The Buddhist monk found a silence below the ringing and the screams with which it merged; under the memories of peers that peeped into his cranium; beneath what he had always perceived the silence as being. It became clear from this depth. It became clear that the ringing came from a telephone. As the monk answered this telephone, he found no one on the calling side.”


Austin Beltrand is a second-year UCLA student majoring in Neuroscience and Philosophy. His interest in poetry began through a spoken word coalition in his hometown of College Staton, TX. Austin has since written in a variety of styles.


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