I Just Want(ed) You

Safwan Ibrahim

to remember
that I found you like this
coiled snake
in the shade
beneath the stone
tail rattling
like chicken bones
in soothsayers’ cups
that foretold
a venomous bite

my footsteps fell softly
as I approached you
and locking eyes
with yours
you could see
my intent

but you bit my hand
sunk razor fangs
into my skin
for merely
for your heart

and as I crawled away
reeling from the venom
you poured into me
I thought of how I found you
I sought refuge in the shade
tightly wound and guarded myself
from other snakes
like you


Safwan is a Palestinian-American fourth-year UCLA student from Southern California, who is currently studying Comparative Literature. His main goal in writing is to capture his life experiences through vivid imagery and lyrical rhythms, and to express them in a genuine way that might resonate with readers in order to bridge the gap between his experiences and theirs.


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