Westwind Poetry Contest 2011

Westwind is proud to announce Jacob Eisenmann’s “Young Men” as the winner of the Westwind Poetry Contest 2011.

The decision was made by our award-winning guest judge Stacie Cassarino, who said of Eisenmann’s poem:

“If, as the voice of “Young Men” knows, “Silence is inadequate,” this poem confronts and is imbued with the noise of memory, war, family, and what it means to be a boy evolving into a man, yet it does so quietly, with raw emotion, honesty, and subtle insight. I admire the textured reach of “Young Men,” with its narrative impulse yet instances of startling lyricism, blending snippets of dialogue, story, image, and perspective, all within semi-rhyming quatrains that attempt to impose order upon an otherwise uncertain state. The poem creates a moving, intimate portrait of complex relationships, evoking a world that we inhabit in fractured glimpses, in which what is “felt” (the final word of the poem) is what ultimately resonates.”


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