U4E-uh (Applications of High School Chemistry)

Paula Massingill

Do you think you’ve measured us well?

To be helium! To be insurmountable! To be lighter than the life anchoring our lungs, to watch flesh bubbled until it is no more, only shimmering orange soda sky engulfing as we rise on our tiny spheres to the convex meniscus. Break free of our sticky rubber skin, chance impact with other nuclear kin, fly alone on the green solar wind, where are these in the atoms of your word?

Sure, shovel toxic remains out your ears, quarantine the acid want. Smirk as humans blindly balance their equations, tossed and toyed by their vile humors.

I see beauty in the magnesium man, and smile as you avert your eyes from his doomed flare.


Hand coded by CRUXimaging