Nuestra Revolution

Emilio Aldrich

Revolution came a-courtin’

Last Friday afternoon

Like Robespierre’s rapture

This Lenin lovely

Flitted through my parlor room.


And behind him trailed softly,

Two orphans sallow skinned

Our diseased darlings

Heartbreak’s heroes

All scaly blisters and gap toothed grins.


And to these darling dears,

Revolution beamed a generous smile.

This Gandhi goader

And Marley mobber

Wasting little lives while the while.


For over tiny heads they raised,

A faded banner reading, “Down

To Tyranny’s Terror

And Conservative Caution!”

Boney limbs breaking, I could hear the sound.


Hours work went to that banner,

Little hands stunk from greasy paint

Moldy manitos,

On pasty paper

His message blotted and faint.


For when I stared at los niños,

The truth came all too clear:

My peace’s progress,

Their humanity humbled.

My face reflected in the parlor mirror.


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