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Professor Reed Wilson can be only described with positive adjectives: the facilitator for all things creative and all things Westwind.

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Post by Vivien Adamian I bought Hangsaman on a whim, since I had a curiosity towards Shirley Jackson’s work and had never really read any thriller novels. Also, I thought it might be appropriate to read a horror story about a girl going away to college just before moving to UCLA. Hangsaman is generally regardedContinue Reading

Post by Peyton Austin Twelve minutes into the Academy Award-winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the main protagonist, Miles Morales, spray-paints his outline over the words “no expectations.” This references his earlier literature assignment on the book Great Expectations, the famous novel by Charles Dickens. When I first watched the movie and they showed MilesContinue Reading

Post by Peyton Austin “Hallmark movie” has become synonymous with “bad, cheesy romance movie”— and rightfully so — but the general consensus is that they can be forgiven because they spark joy a la Marie Kondo. Or, in my case, they’re fun to make fun of. Or, what’s really true (and less mean): Hallmark movies areContinue Reading

Post by Gianna Provenzano A reading slump is the inability to read no matter how much you want to. As someone who has experienced the dreaded reading slump several times, I can personally attest to how frustrating they are. However, because of my experiences, I also have some good tips for getting out of them. LettingContinue Reading

Post by Mariah Miller As someone that has been using computers from the age of chunky off-white Mackintoshes to compact iPhones, it goes without saying that I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to internet culture—from virtual pets, to emo MySpace profiles, to memes. Yet over this span of time I’ve observed one medium thatContinue Reading

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