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Professor Reed Wilson can be only described with positive adjectives: the facilitator for all things creative and all things Westwind.

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Post by Brett Nava When I was in high school, my AP English teacher had us read “Why and How to Avoid the Passive Voice” by Stephen King. The essay, as its title suggests, derides the passive voice for its timidity, its unnecessary elongation of sentences, and its most heinous crime—a lack of agency andContinue Reading

Post by Monika Petrosyan As any standard English literature class goes, every book I have read has been followed up with a discussion in an attempt to analyze motives, themes, meanings, and of course, characters. We typically end this session of discussion by coming to the conclusion of whether we liked or hated these characters.Continue Reading

Post by Vivien Adamian I bought Hangsaman on a whim, since I had a curiosity towards Shirley Jackson’s work and had never really read any thriller novels. Also, I thought it might be appropriate to read a horror story about a girl going away to college just before moving to UCLA. Hangsaman is generally regardedContinue Reading

Post by Peyton Austin Twelve minutes into the Academy Award-winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the main protagonist, Miles Morales, spray-paints his outline over the words “no expectations.” This references his earlier literature assignment on the book Great Expectations, the famous novel by Charles Dickens. When I first watched the movie and they showed MilesContinue Reading

Post by Peyton Austin “Hallmark movie” has become synonymous with “bad, cheesy romance movie”— and rightfully so — but the general consensus is that they can be forgiven because they spark joy a la Marie Kondo. Or, in my case, they’re fun to make fun of. Or, what’s really true (and less mean): Hallmark movies areContinue Reading

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