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Professor Reed Wilson can be only described with positive adjectives: the facilitator for all things creative and all things Westwind.

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Post by Jaime Garcia Sandoval Most people react with confusion when first encountering Björk. The iconoclast is known to many for her avant-garde music, and to others for her bizarre attire (Google: Björk swan dress). Her music is not what one might call radio-friendly or catchy—or even music, for that matter—but that’s exactly what firstContinue Reading

Post by Elise Escamilla What makes a Jane Austen film adaptation good? Is it complete faithfulness to the text, or can it be found in the innate nature of film to “up the ante,” so to speak, in terms of drama and romance? Like most things in life, the answer can be found somewhat inContinue Reading

Story by Jillvie Nguyen When I was a little girl, my dad used to take me to the ice cream shop and tell me stories about his life. When I was younger, I always wanted to afford fancy clothes. When I was younger, I never thought I’d be in America. When I was younger, IContinue Reading

Post by Timothy Calla An Easy Guide to Tabletop Games: 1.) A guidebook 2.) Dice 3.) More dice 4.) 3 or more people 5.) Drinks (optional) 6.) An imagination There you have it. A thorough list of just about everything you need to start your own role-playing bonanza. Though what really defines the overall experienceContinue Reading

Post by Peyton Austin Ah, high school. Remember that one time where one of your friends overdosed on your spring break trip to Mexico? How about that time you had a fight with your friend at her party, got drunk, and killed a man driving home? Or that one time you and your friends were blackmailedContinue Reading

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